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Salam Hari Ibu untuk semua!

Actually, my mama was my first English Language Teacher.Mama ajar English using Ladybird series (ala yg Peter&Jane tu) kt umah. Bila Ultramama dh berjaya jd teacher ni, mama selalu cakap,
"Oo, dh lawan tuk guru ye?"
Masa mula2 kahwin dulu, selalu je call, minta resipi...hehe.My mom is the best cook in the world gitu!
Terima kasih, mama.Tanpamu, siapalah daku...

Above, are cute cards for all mothers who visit Ultramama's blog.Poem yg kt bwh pun Ultramama dedicate to all beautiful, supermoms out there!Happy Mom's Day!

A mother
A mother waits longer than others do
A mother worries much more than most will
A mother loves more deeply than most too
A mother gives until her heart is still
A mother just never gives up on you
A mother's love will forever be true...

Adapted from 'A Mother' poem by M.J.M 1999

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