Untuk semua kengkawan yg sudi ziarah & wished Teacher's Day, thank you muah2!
Sorry sgt2, coz Ultramama is very busy.This week sibuk ngan Orientasi Lower 6, marking papers, ngan Ultramir yg dok exam etc, etc...

Macamana bz pun, kengkawan tetap di ingatan :)

Selamat Hari Guru utk semua guru!(guru sek ke, bekas guru, guru yg sedang bercuti tanpa gaji ikut suami, ibu guru etc) Below is dedicated just for you!

Just in case someone asks....


The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life.

One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, 'What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?'

He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: 'Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.'

To stress his point he said to another guest;
'You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?'

Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, 'You want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, then began...)

'Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.

I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental.

You want to know what I make?' (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the table.)

''I make kids wonder.

I make them question.

I make them apologize and mean it.

I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions.

I teach them to write and then I make them write. Keyboarding isn't everything.

I make them read, read, read.

I make them show all their work in math. They use their God given brain, not the man-made calculator.

I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know in English while preserving their unique cultural identity.

I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe.

I make my students stand, placing their hand over their heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, One Nation Under God, because we live in this country.

Finally, I make them understand that if they use the gifts they were given, work hard, and follow their hearts, they can succeed in life.'

(Bonnie paused one last time and then continued.)

'Then, when people try to judge me by what I make, with me knowing money isn't everything, I can hold my head up high and pay no attention because they are ignorant... You want to know what I make?

I MAKE A DIFFERENCE . What do you make Mr. CEO?'

His jaw dropped, he went silent.

(Tq to Mr. Chong and Mr. A4 for this)

Ni from my new friend, Lindafendi. Makaseh ye, cantik. Byk benar kad kt umah dia, tp hari tu pi naik gerek je, xmuat...heheh.Tq, muah2!

Kad ni from K.Ina Kl.Makaseh ye akak...cantiknyeee!
Pada semua kawan yg sudi singgah & wished Mom's Day tu, tqvm.Luv all of you!

(Mama, Abah &Ultraboboys)

Salam Hari Ibu untuk semua!

Actually, my mama was my first English Language Teacher.Mama ajar English using Ladybird series (ala yg Peter&Jane tu) kt umah. Bila Ultramama dh berjaya jd teacher ni, mama selalu cakap,
"Oo, dh lawan tuk guru ye?"
Masa mula2 kahwin dulu, selalu je call, minta resipi...hehe.My mom is the best cook in the world gitu!
Terima kasih, mama.Tanpamu, siapalah daku...

Above, are cute cards for all mothers who visit Ultramama's blog.Poem yg kt bwh pun Ultramama dedicate to all beautiful, supermoms out there!Happy Mom's Day!

A mother
A mother waits longer than others do
A mother worries much more than most will
A mother loves more deeply than most too
A mother gives until her heart is still
A mother just never gives up on you
A mother's love will forever be true...

Adapted from 'A Mother' poem by M.J.M 1999

Tq ye Tajma for the this cute cupcake.Kita suuukaaa sgt2!Bilala nk pandai deco cake mcm Tajma ye.Tq, muah2!
The first card yg Ultramama dpt for this coming Mother's day.Tq Farah (Mommy Otai).Saaayaaang Farah!

Namanye: Cik Manggis's sponge cake & Hana's choc. ganache.

Salam Hari Pekerja@Buruh! Tp buruh yg sorang ni, tetapla bekerja...uhu...

Dah lama dh nk try resipi di atas.Hari ni, tertunailah hasrat di hati (K.Ina KL, pinjam sat)
Ultramama gabungkan resipi ni, coz nk wat choc. glazing Cik Manggis for topping, x cukup whipping cream lak.Nk p kedai, malasla plak.So, teringat kt Choc. Ganache Hana.Tengok2, bhn2 cukup, apalagi, projek kek ni diteruskan dgn jayanya!Syabas Ultramama!(hehe)

Makaseh byk2 ye Cik Manggis & Hana!Saaayaaang kamu!Mesrala plak kek ni, coz gabungan resipi 2 sifu nih. Takpe ye?
Kek tu nampak comot sket, coz first time, decorate kek nih.Kalu nk tengok kek yg laaagi elok & cantik, silala berkunjung ke blog Cik Manggis & Hana, dan tak lupa juga, kawan baru Ultramama, Tajma_cakelover.Silala ye!(Promo jgn x promo)

Ni plak, award fr Maria, also my new friend.Terima kasih na.W/pun baru kenal, tp cukup mesra gitu!
Ok cu!Wassalam.